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MTech in Artificial Intelligence

Posted By Cluzter Ops3     Jul 15     101 views     0 likes    
The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) or IIT-RPR, is an engineering, science, and technology higher education institute located in Rupnagar, Punjab, India. It is one of the eight newer Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development...  more


Program objectives and Purpose:

1.The purpose is to develop a work force which can step up to the challenges of the upcoming age of artificial intelligence.
2.Towards this end, the CS department feels the need to create a focused masters specialization along the theme.

Intake of Students : 10

Minimum qualification for admission to the programme:

Candidates with B.Tech./B.E/MCA or M.Sc. in the appropriate area with valid GATE score in Computer Sc. and Information Technology (CS).

National level test/Entrance Examinations: GATE

GATE Paper Code: CS

Minimum CGPA for award of degree: 5.0 As per Institute Norms

Total No. of credits requirement for the programme: 63

Programme structure

Overall Structure of the Program

Specialization Core (21/22 credits):

CSE Core 14 credits + at least 2 courses from Appendix A (i.e list of AI program core courses)
Elective Course credits (14 or more credits)

Specialization electives: At least 3 other courses from Appendix B (i.e. list of AI program electives)

Department/Open Elective: One additional course i.e. 3/4 additional credits (any PG elective course). Even non-CSE PG course can be considered but with due approval from CSE RPEC and CSE HoD.

MTech Project (28 credits) : One can register for the MTech project component only after successfully completing at least 21 course credits

MTech Project: Student interested in obtaining this specialization must undertake a MTech project in the area of Artificial Intelligence (or its allied areas, refer item 14).

Students will be encouraged to take up interdisciplinary projects for fulfilling their MTP requirements. Relevance of this project with the theme of specialization would be decided by the steering committee of this specialization.