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About us

Cluzters.ai is an Organization based out of India. The platform is built and run by seasoned Data Science and A.I. Industry experts. 


"To architect a Data Science and A.I. Platform that brings together all the Industry Participants- Professionals, Enthusiasts, Corporates, Startups, Educational Institutions and Investors under one roof and creates synergies among them"


"To foster Innovation in the field of Data Science and A.I. by honing Domain, Technology and Quantitative  Skills of the members"

How is Cluzters.ai Unique?

At Cluzters.ai, we firmly believe that every industry can accelerate to it's true growth potential by the means of Knowledge sharing and Collaboration. Currently, there are Many platforms catering to different Knowledge,Networking and Collaboration needs of Data Science and A.I Professionals, requiring them to maintain multiple profiles. Cluzters.ai puts together all these features at one place
and creates a single Data Science profile for its members for showcasing their subject matter expertise!

The following is the list of features that are built into the platform:

Features Inspired from
Authoring Knowledge Articles       
Create Vlogs through Video Channels
Professional  Networking
Sharing Data and Code
Focused Group Chat rooms
Publish Research Articles
Find Relevant Jobs/Opportunities
Focused Groups for Domain Verticals and Technology Horizontals
Building a Follower base
 Q&A Forum      
Sharing job and interview Experiences
Sharing of Events
Verified Community
Conducting Ideathons for funding startups
 Creating course catalogs including micro courses     
Maintaining Corporate Pages
Integrating Data Science and A.I. RSS feeds  
Gamification and leaderboards by creating credit system

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