What is is the World's First Application focused Data Science Community that drives Innovation, and Collaboration in the field of Machine Learning and A.I. by leveraging Domain Knowledge, Technology, and Applied Mathematics  



Cluzters are Data Science focused groups created across various Business Domains and Technologies. Members can collaborate and network by participating in discussions, sharing code, articles, research papers, videos, events, Jobs, etc. through them 

T-AIM (Govt. of Telangana State) and NASSCOM in association with proudly present "The Innovation Factory"



All the Agritech AI startups and Insitutions are Eligible for Participation 



T-AIM and NASSCOM Innovation Factory

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Focused Groups for Domain Verticals and Technology Horizontal

Competitions and Hackathons

Authoring Knowledge Articles

Building a Follower base

Sharing Data and Code

Create Vlogs through Video Channels

 Q&A Forum

Gamification and leader-boards  

Find Relevant Jobs/Opportunities

Professional  Networking

Sharing job and interview Experiences

 Creating course catalogs including micro courses

Conducting Ideathons for funding Startups

Publish Research Articles

Focused Group Chat rooms

Integrating Data Science and A.I. RSS feeds

The Ecosystem

Business Domains & Discussions

Banking and Financial Services

Discussion Topics: Credit Risk Modeling Customer Segmentation, Targeting, Up sell/Cross sell, Fraud Analytics, Anti Money Laundering, Interest Rate prediction etc.


Discussion Topics: Customer Segmentation, Price Optimization, Fraud Detection, Recommendation Engines, Claims Prediction etc.


Discussion Topics: Disease Modeling and Mapping, Medical Image Analysis,Virtual Assistant for Patients, Drug Research and Development etc.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Discussion Topics: Supply chain optimization, Expanding/Sourcing to new markets, Product Mix Modelling, Travelling Salesman Problem etc.


Discussion Topics: Sentiment Analysis, Market Basket Analysis, Image Recognition and Augmented Reality, Recommendation Engines, Detecting Fraud etc.


Discussion Topics: Customer service chatbots, speech and voice services for customers, Traffic classification, Network optimization and orchestration, Predictive network maintenance etc.


Data Science Content Curated


Videos Uploaded


Queries Solved


Codes,Data Sets and E-Books

Data Science Jobs

in Full Time Opportunities - 9 hours ago
Dell Technologies helps organizations and individuals build a brighter digital tomorrow. Our comp...
in Full Time Opportunities - 9 hours ago
As the tech firm that created the mobile world, and with more than 54,000 patents to our name, we...
At Prescient, science is at the core of everything we do. We are a biopharma product and portfoli...
Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration f...
At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we bring together the brightest minds to create breakthrough techn...
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